World Cup 2018 semi-finals France vs Belgium 1h, 11-07-2018

World Cup finals 2018 ended. The teams that participate in the semi-finals are the players. They are excellent when they beat the opponent to reach the championship. If the French are sharp in attack, defense. Belgium again excelled in the attack of fast pace.

World Cup semi-finals France vs Belgium 1h, July 11, 1818

Both France and Belgium have shown very well their ability to go forward. They won the match against two quite strong opponents Uruguay and Brazil. The French and Belgian teams will officially start the 2018 World Cup semi-finals.

At the 2018 World Cup, Belgium won 10 consecutive games. Belgium netted more than two goals, scoring in the last eight in 9 games. France won the last 6/7 games in the World Cup.

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Expert opinion, the French ability to overwhelm Belgium is very high. The probability of a French victory is 40%. While the forecast for Belgium is only 21%. The difference is quite high. However, it is not unlikely that many experts will take advantage of France. Reversing historical encounters. France overwhelmed Belgium 4/6 game win. Only one draw and one loss.

In the past, France and Belgium have had a total of six encounters in the World Cup finals. France’s result was overwhelming with 4 wins, draw 1 and lost only 1. Belgium only won France in the friendly match. Will history be repeated? Has Belgium made history after the defeat of France? Watch this super classic at 1h, Wednesday 11/7/2018.

Odds France vs Belgium match

Asian Odds

france belgium world cup 2018

france belgium world cup 2018

France’s faithful will overtake Belgium in the first half. France will play strong attacking overwhelming. The first half of the offer for France was 0.78. While the bet for Belgium is 1.13

1/4 Handicap. France is the upper door team. If you score, you lose half. Asian Handicap betting odds are: -0.93 * 0 / 0.5 * 0.83

European Odds

odds france belgium semi final world cup 2018

odds france belgium semi final world cup 2018

European players highly rated in the first half. The odds with France are 3.10. Belgium is 3.6. The draw is 1.91. France is showing very excellent bravery of the defending champion. Belgium is playing very humble, the argument can not be disregarded. Belgian players are unlikely to be in favor of Brazil. When they met France they have changed.

European bets on the whole match. France at the bet 2.53. Belgium at 2.90. 3.20

Over/Under Odds

The female fixes 2, 2.5 left is not high. Experts believe the possibility of winning many goals in this match is high. Because both teams have netted two successive in the quarterfinals. Belgium have an offside goal. But what the two teams showed was excellent. First Division, Handicap Betting 0.77, Under 1.16. Over the course of the game, 1.17, 1.75.

Probable teams

France 4-3-3: Lloris, Pavard, Varane, Umtiti, Hernandez, Kante, Tolisso, Pogba, Mbappe, Giroud, Griezmann.

Belgium 3-4-2-1: Courtois, Alderweireld, Kompany, Vertonghen, Meunier, De Bruyne, Witsel, Chadli, Mertens, Hazard, Lukaku.

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