Ronaldo, Messi to lose the scoring record in La Liga into Benzema

There is still a record in the Spanish league that two superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have not completed yet but Benzema did it last weekend.

Ronaldo, Messi to lose the scoring record in La Liga into Benzema

In the morning of April 1 (Hanoi time), Real Madrid had a tough victory 3-2 against the bottom of the Huesca ranking on the Bernabeu. Karim Benzemacontributed the final goal to help coach Zinedine Zidane win his second win since returning to lead “Los Blancos”.

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Including the phase into the Huesca net, Karim Benzema completed the goal collection into 34 of the 34 opponents he had faced in La Liga . This is what Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have not done yet.

In his career, Messi clashed with 40 opponents and scored against 38 teams, except Cadiz and Murcia. The Argentine superstar hardly had the chance to complete the collection because Murcia was playing in the third division and Cadiz was playing in the Segunda Division (Spain’s second division).

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While playing in La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo also scored against 32 of 33 opponents. Only Leganes club could preserve the net when facing a striker born in 1985. This season, Leganes is still in La Liga but CR7 broke up the tournament to switch to Juventus .

Not as noisy as Ronaldo or constantly praised as Lionel Messi, Benzema silently devoted to Real Madrid for many years. He scored 215 goals in all competitions and contributed directly to two La Liga championships and four Champions League titles of the Royal team.

This season, Benzema became the spearhead of Real Madrid’s attack. He himself admitted to being more comfortable when he no longer had to sacrifice and support Cristiano Ronaldo as he had before.


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