Ronaldo is unlikely to join Juventus in the Champions League match against Ajax

Coach Max Allegri said Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s injury is more complicated than expected and the Portuguese striker is unlikely to play in the upcoming match against Ajax.

Ronaldo is unlikely to join Juventus in the Champions League match against Ajax

The “old lady” of Turin has suffered a heavy blow on the journey to findChampions League glory, when superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling to recover from an injury before the quarter-finals against Ajax.

The Dutch representative created a seismic attack when he beat Real Madridconvincingly in the eighth round and promised to be a difficult opponent to play with Juventus . Meanwhile, CR7 was injured again after half an hour of playing in a 1-1 draw between Portugal and Serbia not long ago.

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Initially, Ronaldo is expected to recover before the match against Ajax in the Champions League. However, sharing with the press, coach Max Allegri said: “Cristiano is trying to come back. We hope he is ready for the match against Ajax, but that is very difficult.”

“Douglas Costa is in the best condition and ready for this match. Sami Khedira has been training with the team yesterday and can return to the confrontation with AC Milan (April 6),” he said. more.

Miss Ronaldo will be a huge loss for Juventus at this time. In the group stage, the Portuguese superstar showed a disappointing face. However, the hat-trick against Atletico Madrid proved Juventus’s decision to recruit him to realize the goal to win the European Cup is absolutely right.

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Before Ajax, the Italian strategist has in his hands almost full when things are progressing positively. “Cuadrado is recovering well and it is only a matter of time before he returns to the squad. I will evaluate the situation of Paulo Dybala after today and Mario Mandzukic needs to be monitored further because he is feverish,” he said.

However, Coach Allegri still hopes to play Cristiano Ronaldo in the upcoming match. He said: “Today’s test results are much better. We will conduct a physical examination and follow his symptoms later. There are still 9 more days, so we have time to fight Price everything together, Ronaldo is doing everything he can. Now you have to be careful in everything and evaluate the pros and cons of the player. “

Champions League quarter-final match between Ajax and Juventus will take place on the morning of April 11 next. The “old lady” of Turin will have two confrontations with Cagliari (3/4) and AC Milan (April 6) to “heat up” the squad before the big battle.

Juventus coach revealed when Ronaldo re- coached Allegri to reassure his fans that Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly returned to training and will play when he fully recovered from injury.

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