Premier League 2018 Round 4 Chelsea Vs Bournemouth 21h 01-09-2018

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Premier League 2018 Round 4 Chelsea Vs Bournemouth 21h 01/09/2018

Chelsea are showing their world class performance. From the start of the English Premier League 2018, they won in a row. Their achievements are highly desirable. Team stable and excellent form. Especially the presence of outstanding player Eden Hazard. Master Maurizio Sarri is determined to maintain his style. They are not bad at all. Chealsea came in at No. 3 on the charts.

chelsea vs bournemouth ngoại hạng anh 2018

Chelsea’s opponents are Bournemouth. A competitor is not rated by the experts. They will certainly make it difficult for Chelsea to score. In the English Premier League this season, they also achieved quite good results.Bournemouth won in a row from round 1 to round 3. But what they show is definitely worthy of being a rival.Coach Hd Eddie Howe will offer the best tactics for the team.

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In terms of both team and form. Chelsea is the dominant team. The history of the two new teams only encountered seven times including six matches in the Premier League and one in the League Cup. Chelsea won 5 games and lost only two. Chelsea are the top door team. The handicap of a home-grown game is 1.5 / 2 left.The odds for Chelsea vs Bournemouth are -0.92 and 0.85.

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chelsea vs bournemouth

The last two games of the team are not bad. Chelsea achieved more than their opponents. They won 4 out of 5 wins and only one draw. Chelsea are in the top three. Bournemouth rivals are tied for 6th.

The European defender gave the club the lead for Chelsea. When the odds for them are 1.30. Meanwhile, the Bournemouth bet is up to 9.40. A draw can not happen in the match. The bet is up to 6.00.

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chelsea vs bournemouth 01-09-2018

With the team, Chelsea is definitely the team to take the initiative. Bournemouth will be struggling for defense.However, both teams have good defense. Kien Tai will be as explosive as in recent clashes. 3 out of 3 left.Betting is at 0.93. Betting at 1.97.

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