Premier League 2018 Round 3 Arsenal Vs West Ham 21h, 25-08-2018

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Match Arsenal vs West Ham will take place on the Emirates Stadium. The match started at 21h on 25/08/2018.Get out of the English Premier League from reputable experts. Premier League odds at the prestigious FB88 home.

Premier League 2018 Round 3 Arsenal Vs West Ham 21h On 25/08/2018

Arsenal have had quite a stir in the transfer market this year. They are strengthening the squad with a series of strong names. Typical players are Lucas Torreira, Matteo Guendouzi, Stephan Lichtsteiner, … Unai Emery coach is trying to reform the team. In the midfield, the defense is improving the best. Over time, they have not very good achievements.

soi kèo ngoại hạng anh arsenal vs west ham

soi kèo ngoại hạng anh arsenal vs west ham

Man City lost the match 0 – 2. Before that, they have met pretty badly in the country. Arsenal were eliminated early in the FA Cup, finishing second in the League Cup. And only ranked 6th in the Premier League. In the third round, they need all the strength to regain the best. A win is needed in the current match to compensate for the previous defeat. However, with a strong opponent like West Ham, they will be quite difficult.

With West Ham, they are no less competitive in the transfer market. The team picked up 9 transfers. It is in the top five teams in the strongest transfer market. Six new names will be added to the squad. However, the new players nearly half the team is quite struggling to adapt. They need time to understand each other. Last season, West Ham won by a not too big margin against Arsenal in the quarterfinals. Will history repeat itself?

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Arsenal vs West Ham have faced each other 44 times. Arsenal is the dominant team. The Gunners won 28 games and lost only seven to West Ham. The other 9 matches are the draw. West Ham with a bet of 0.92.Arsenal bet on -0.96. The odds offered by the bookmaker are quite reasonable for the two teams are being evaluated quite strongly.

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In the last five games, Arsenal were unbeaten and won 15 goals. West Ham 3 defeats and 2 draws. They scored just five goals.

The European raffle gives away a decisive win over Arsenal. The total bet for Arsenal is 1.38. Meanwhile, the odds for West Ham up to 7.50. It is easy to understand when the total bet is 5.40. No predictions will be made for the match.

Odds OU

arsenal vs west ham ngoại hạng anh

The stake for the match is 3 / 3.5 left. Total goals will be -0.96. Betting difference is not too deep. 0.86 is the bet for Slip.

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