Predictions Barcelona vs Juventus 01h45, 13/09

According to expert assessment: leaf visits luck again put Barcelona and Juventus in the same League.

This was the fifth encounter between the two teams in over 2 years, and is the fourth computer in the playground of the Champions League. Juve still CĐV permanently forget password recovery center front defeat Barca in the final year of 2015, making them Miss Golden opportunities to step up European Summit for the first time after 12 years.


But when the two teams have a chance to reinvent food poisoning in the quarterfinals of the Champions League last season, all ends have been cleaned from clean. She old swamp into Turin catch opponents pay interest and capital by winning with a total of 3-0 after two weekly, before crossing the remainder of the phenomenon in the semi-final to Monaco for the second time in three seasons write your name on the last match. There, once again Buffon and teammate Carragher threshold of Paradise by Real Madrid with a Ronaldo too exceptional.

For now, Barcelona and Juventus again entering a “period ends”. The two teams had just gone through a summer of volatility is probably not causing the NHM relieved the eagerly expected, or by comparison of correlations as well as that of the owner and guests at the present time, 90 minutes on the pitch Camp Nou still worthy mighty message screen is considered the high point of the day the official Champions League return.

By this time, the departure of Neymar still has not affected too much by Barcelona. 3 consecutive victory, scoring nine goals and not conceding the same no. 1 on the RANKINGS of La Liga is the best evidence of the Catalan Giants still can not see the exercise often.

However, it’s too early to believe that Barcelona are truly “healthy”. The undeniable fact is that the past couldn’t rival was commensurate with the home team the stadium Camp Nou. Compared with Betis, Alaves or Espanyol, then clear Juventus was much larger challenge. She old swamp into Turin also showed they remain a force in Serie A with full battle circuit WINS from the start of the season.


The departure of Bonucci and Dani Alves was the defending runner-up Champions League filled with a quality contract entitled Sciglio, Matuidi, Douglas Costa … Meanwhile, Barcelona decided to recruit new players just 20 years Dembele to offset gaps that Neymar to leave. Dembele’s talent is not arguing, but comparison of influence as well as the ability to combine with 2 employees say Messi and Suarez certainly still is the limp.

As such, will not be easy to represent La Liga can search for victory and extremely dirty and old rivals mark as Juventus, in the context of this piece at them based too much on Messi-players just go into the history of the Catalan derby with hat-trick against Espanyol. What took place in the 1-5 ratio with total defeat Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercup is the new warning bell for Barcelona late Luis Enrique.

Row 2 battle for first between the two teams on the field in the framework of Barcelona’s Champions League are no more than 2 goals scored. 3/4 the past battle of Barcelona and 3 away matches of Juventus in the Champions League also only from 2 goals down.


  • Barcelona: Rafinha injury.
  • Juventus: Chiellini, Marchisio, Khedira, Pjaca, Mandzukic trauma; Cuadrado suspension.

Prediction: 1-1