Manchester City want a legal action with Javier Tebas

Manchester City have warned that there will be a legal action with Javier Tebas, President of La Liga tournament when he accused the home team Etihad Stadium to help a team in Spain overcomes the law of equity finance.


Javier Tebas, President of the Spanish Football Federation has announced that Manchester City’s parent company had these tricks to help Girona does not violate the principle of fair financing of FIFA by giving the team a loan with an interest rate under the interest rate the market.

5 Manchester City’s players are currently moving to compete under the loan in Girona, the team that the Group bought City Football 44 percent stake earlier this year.

Tebas said given the low price of Girona the players include Pablo Maffeo, Aleix Garcia Moreno, Marlos, Douglas Luiz and Kayode Olarenwaju. And that has made the team a budget increase was worth 80 million euros to help the CLUB avoid violating the law by FIFA’s finances.

He also said that he was ready to take his allegations directly to Ferran Soriano, CEO of City Football Group, whom he met in Manchester today.

Tebas said: “it is a good thing when a club like Barcelona have the support but that is not the right thing.”

  • “We have reviewed some of the money in the loan contract. They have noted the increase was too low and the budget spent his youth “.
  • “They put the players in the list a certain amount of money and we do not believe that it is a true money enough for conditions on salaries of players. So we have to re-evaluate with a higher amount “.
  • “On the books, it’s like the players are players. But the truth is not so “.

Tebas has made the first team with Manchester City this week and called on UEFA to check the financial transparency of the Etihad Stadium hosts team on Monday. However did not have a move would be the European Football Union made.

City Football Group had the feedback for that most of their players were sent under such a loan without paying a fee. And they have no answer for that.

A spokesman of the CFG said: “we noted the remarks of Mr. Tebas today and early this week”.

“UEFA’s statement on 4/9 is clear and based on accurate information. In contrast, his speech Tebas is inaccurate and unfounded “.

“As you would expect, the Manchester City Football Club and City Football Group are looking for a suitable lawyer and will act based on the statement that”.